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Ninjatrader platform


At MTAlgos, we can help you personalize the Ninjatrader platform, as well as develop custom trading apps that will attempt to fully automate your strategies.

You simply need to provide the requirements, as well as your ongoing support throughout the project.

Programming services:
We have trading experience with a wide range of securities, including:

Equities Forex
Futures Options

We have programmers on our team that are dedicated to the Ninjatrader platform, and should be able to automate most trading strategies that rely primarily on price/volume action.

On top of trading apps, we can also help you personalize the platform by developing various indicators or UI modifications that can assist and help further improve your trading activities.

Consulting services:
On top of our programming services, we can also help you backtest certain strategies, and find just the right parameters that will optimize your returns. Use the form on this page to contact us and let us know what your needs are.

Full Program rights:
Once final payment is received, you will retain the complete rights to the software and may do with it as you wish.

Please request your free quote with us whenever you're ready, by using the form on the right of this page.

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Step 1:

Use the form below to initiate a conversation with us. Try to send as much information as possible about your project to avoid too many back and forth emails.

Step 2:

Once we understand your requirements, we will send you our quote for the project and ask for an initial deposit.

Step 3

Once the quote is accepted and the deposit is received, one of our programmers will be assigned to your project and will work directly with you until the requirements are completed.

Step 4

Once you are satisfied, we will ask for your feedback, as well as the final payment for the project. All source code will be released thereafter.

A note on privacy

We understand trading strategies often contain private and very confidential information. At MTAlgos, any information you share with us either by phone or email will always be kept under strict confidence and will not be used by us for our personal profit or gain unless otherwise specified.

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